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Tom Lenk Interview | Wyburn & Wayne

Holy Cow Poo... We got to chat with Tom Lenk, you know the guy who played Andrew in Buffy The Vampire Slayer!! Only the best show that ever was!! Since Buffy he's been busy making films, doing shows and taking Instagram by storm! You MUST check out his Instagram
We love your Instagram posts, so funny, so when do we get The Tom Lenk show? 
I actually just started taking meetings to do just that! People have been begging for it! It's time to give them what they want!  I can't wait to unleash my PASHUN For low price HI FASHUNS to the global television community! 

Of the stars you recreate in your videos and photos have any responded to you? I actually think Adele would love it.
I got WERD through a friend that Lena Dunham enjoyed her LEWK. And I was WERKING with Busy Phillips last week and asked her which of her red carpet LEWKS I should do and she suggested the red Vice Principals premiere dress!

Let's talk Andrew! What was it like being part of…

Years & Years : Interview with Olly Alexander

On Friday August 12th, the global phenomenon that is Years & Years, entertained thousands in Cardiff's Coopers Field, for Party In The Parc (in association with Pride Cymru. We had the pleasure of attending the show and meeting the lads just ahead of their sound check, Nathan also presented frontman Olly Alexander with his portrait using rainbow glitter.

W&W - Hi guys
Olly - OMG are you Nathan? This is so cool! You did the pizza art for me right?
W&W - Yes! Thanks so much for sharing it and this is for you to keep!
Olly - Oh wow, I'm actually going to give it to Emru, no I'm just kidding I'm going to keep it! 

*Watch Olly's reaction to the artwork here:  The rest of the chat was off camera*
W&W - thank you so much for agreeing to come to Cardiff for this event and help support Pride Cymru - it's fantastic for our city! How does it feel to be back in Wales?
Olly - It feels amazing to be back in Wales, I have so many fond memor…

Michelle Visage Interview

OMG... It's Michelle Visage
W&W: Hi Michelle, tell us what you're currently working on? 
Michelle: it's a secret! when i am ready to let it out, i will tell you.....promise!
W&W: We had the pleasure of meeting you in Cardiff this year during 'Battle of the seasons' at The Tramshed... What're your thoughts on the Cardiff crowd?
Michelle: Cardiff was so amazing we added an extra night! I LOVE WALES and clearly, you guys love us too! Mutual love is always an awesome thing....
W&W: And you were given a portrait by yours truly, of yourself created in make up (thanks for posting it on social media by the way) what else would be fitting to create you out of? 
Michelle: I think makeup was the most fitting....but also glitter, nail polish and acrylic nail powders and let us not forget hummous.
W&W: Rupauls Drag Race really has taken over the world, 8 seasons in, what do you think makes it so special? 
Michelle: What makes it special for me is the overwhelming f…

Jay James Interview

Jay James first became a household name after appearing on The X Factor in 2014. Jay has since gone on to record an album and do shows alongside some of the biggest artists in the UK. He's back in Cardiff in September at St David's Hall and the Welsh lad couldn't  be happier about being back in Cardiff performing.
W&W: Hi Jay, how's tricks? Tell us what you been up to?
Jay: Things are very busy but very brilliant. I'm currently at BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service), I've got a brand new show called The Big Friday Show which will start broadcasting on September 16th. I've also just signed a new record deal, so things are looking great, I'm starting to record a new album, lots of original music, get back to the music I want to make.
W&W: How would you describe the style of music your making for your new album?
Jay: Well anyone who bought my first album will know I'm a bit of a soul boy, so I'm writing and I'm producing the record t…

Helen Fulthorpe Interview


Former X Factor contestant Helen Fulthorpe is back recording new music and is performing at this weeks Pride Cymru. We caught up with the Cardiff born singer to see what she's been up to..
W&W: Hi Helen, you've been a busy girl since you appeared on X Factor!
Helen: Since X factor my life have certainly changed , and for the better,  I have done and still doing things that I could only dream of . It's been immense.  Singing at so many events Ive supported Alesha Dixon and Sam Bailey at Pride events. I went on ITV This Morning and done lots of national interviews. Having my own single released . And to now working on my album for it be released in the winter months. 
W&W: Ah new music tell us about it..
Helen: It's going to be a soulful album. My inspirations for the album are Joss Stone and Amy Winehouse. So im wanting that authentic soulful vibe for the album. Songs will be written between myself and Anthony Goldsbrough who have produced and worked with so many to…

The Overtones: Interview With Timmy Matley

The Overtones are heading back to Cardiff on Sept 2nd with a show at St David's Hall. The five piece band have been wowing audiences singing do-wop 50's style pop classics for the last decade and their show at St David's promises to be a showstopper featuring songs from their last five albums. We caught up with Timmy Matley to talk about the bands rise to stardom and his proud Welsh roots!

W&W: Hi Timmy, so is it true you were all painters and decorators?
Timmy: Haha.. Yes! We were singers first and foremost, we were working in bars and restaurants, I was working in TGI Fridays in Covent Garden so we set up the painting and decorating business so we could spend time together and rehearse and get some cash together, it just made sense. 
W&W: It paid the way..
Timmy: Yeah, it let us pay for studio time and so on, it's expensive living in London. We was really passionate about what we do and it helped us get to our dream job which is singing in the band. It sounds a b…

Lead Mead Interview : Wyburn & Wayne

Lee Mead is back in Cardiff starring in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. We chat with Lee about life in The 'Diff, Casualty & performing at the WMC.

W&W: Welcome back to Cardiff Lee! I'm sure It's like a 2nd home to you after you like it here? 
Lee: I love it here. It's almost like home from home after living here for over two years on Casualty. I've also performed here at the Theatres many times over the years so it's always nice to come back.
W&W: What do you miss most about being on the show?
Lee:  I probably miss the people the most.  After two years of working on a job, you form close relationships. I have a lot of fun memories being on the Bay after work and heading into town for a night out. It was a fun time.  I also loved driving 20 mins out to the beaches on my days off. The Gower Peninsula and beyond that has some of the best beaches and coastline in the world.
W&W: Any chance of Lofty returning?
Lee: Fortunately the door has been lef…

Jai McDowall Interview : Wyburn & Wayne

Scottish singer Jai McDowall won Britains Got Talent in 2011, the same year a certain food artist Nathan Wyburn made the semi finals. Jai is back with an amazing new single 'Cry' we caught up with Jai to see what he's been up to...
W&W: You won Britain's Got Talent 2011 (also shared your semi final with Nathan), 6 years on, any regrets? 
Jai:It was 5 years (don’t age us both too much) lol 
I don’t have any regrets I get to do a lot that I wouldn’t be able to do had I not been on that show, I will always be grateful for the platform I got from being on Britains Got Talent.

W&W: Oh gosh yeah 5!! Tell us what you've been doing since winning the show.. 
Jai: I have recorded an album with Syco and performed in concerts all over the UK and in China. I also got into songwriting as well and now do a lot of writing as well as performing. I have also recently got into Theatre and acting, so looking forward to seeing where life takes me.
W&W: You upload some great cover…