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Tom Lenk Interview | Wyburn & Wayne

Holy Cow Poo... We got to chat with Tom Lenk, you know the guy who played Andrew in Buffy The Vampire Slayer!! Only the best show that ever was!! Since Buffy he's been busy making films, doing shows and taking Instagram by storm! You MUST check out his Instagram

We love your Instagram posts, so funny, so when do we get The Tom Lenk show? 

I actually just started taking meetings to do just that! People have been begging for it! It's time to give them what they want!  I can't wait to unleash my PASHUN For low price HI FASHUNS to the global television community! 

Of the stars you recreate in your videos and photos have any responded to you? I actually think Adele would love it.

I got WERD through a friend that Lena Dunham enjoyed her LEWK. And I was WERKING with Busy Phillips last week and asked her which of her red carpet LEWKS I should do and she suggested the red Vice Principals premiere dress!

Let's talk Andrew! What was it like being part of a mega show like Buffy The Vampire Slayer? 

It was a dream! What else can I say?  

Do you still hang out with any of the cast?

Yes I still hang out with many of my Buffy pals. And sometimes we even make MEWVIES together with Joss! Did you see Much Ado?! If not check it out. I think even Shakespeare purists will love it! And I think there's even a moment that teachers might have to stand in front of the TV for when it plays in classrooms! YAAASSS! So cheeky! I even had a ladies night out with SMG (pic on IG) to the Hollywood Bowl to see the Little Mermaid concert. I may have cried JUST A LITTLE at Sarah Bareilles GORJUS rendition of Part of Your World. 

Buffy is still hugely popular today what do you think the appeal was and still is?

Drama meets Comedy. Action meets story. Emotions meets Monsters. It had everything and lovingly referenced pop culture while becoming a huge part of pop culture in its own right! 

Film, tv, stage... Where are you most comfortable performing?

As with FASHUN, I am comfortable in any medium. I am a quadruple threat: acting, singing, light movement, and now I make my own wardrobe. I spent a good portion of last year performing BUYER and CELLAR (which is a one man, 1-hour-and-45-minute-no intermish-play) on the east coast. After memorizing 60 pages word for word and performing 8 times a week I fee like I can do anything these days! Except magic. Don't make me do magic tricks. I don't want to watch magic. Or try to do it. Or listen to someone describe a magic trick in order to persuade me to like watching magic tricks. Just tell me how it's done, otherwise I'm not interested ok?!!

So any plans to do a show in the UK? Any WestEnd Shows you'd like to star in?

I'm supposed to take LenkLewkLive to NYC this December and would LOVE to go back and perform in London. I did my last show Nerdgasm at the Soho Theater in London before I took it to the Fringe and had TR BEST TIME! 

Ok.. Choose one..
Buffy or Angel? 
Buffy. How is this even a question?! 
Clinton or Trump?
Clinton! AGAIN, how is this even a question?! 
Madonna or Gaga?
There real question is who would Eddy Monsoon choose?! Madge OBVS. 
Bieber or Bloom?
BLOOM Obviously for elvish reasons.  
Katy or Taylor?
Katy. We're both from the 805 area code so i want a California girl on my squad. Plus she drinks beer on a paddle board. Who doesn't love that?!

Finally if you could have your portrait made from something you love, maybe your favourite food, what would it be? Here's some of Nathan's previous work...

Jesus these are amazing and hilarious. I love tacos?! Is that doable? 


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