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Rebecca Ferguson Interview

Rebecca Ferguson is back with an amazing new album and a UK Tour. Despite coming runner up in the hit talent show X Factor she's carved out a successful career, she's toured America and is releasing her second album. Rebecca plays St David's Hall on November 14th and we caught up with her to talk about the new album, being a touring mum and life after X Factor.

W&W: Hi Rebecca how are you?

R: I'm good, busy promoting my new album.

W&W: Tell us all about it..

R: Its called Superwoman and is a very positive album, it was very emotional to make. It's about relationship break ups and building yourself back up. For me it was empowering because it's about building yourself up again and saying I'm going to get through this. Theres a few songs on the album which are really emotional but overall I'd say it's very uplifting.

W&W: How much input did you have in the writing of this album?

R: I wrote all the songs apart from one song. The subject matter was very sensitive because of my breakup and ofcourse there was a baby involved.

W&W: By the time you finished writing the album do you think that maybe you'd got s lot of your chest, you had exorcised some demons?

R: Yes definitely, I really felt better and not a lot of people have that outlet. When I was having a hard time I didn't really have an album to listen to to help me through so I really hope this album can be that album for other people and help them get through it.

W&W: In the meantime you got Adele!

R: Haha.. I love Adele, you certainly feel her pain with her songwriting and performance.

W&W: And when the breakups are nasty listen to Alanis Morrisette.

R: Ha, she gets angry don't she!

W&W: There's some really good collaborations on this album, how did they come about?

R: A lot of my collaborators are through the label and we had written together on my first album, so we kinda picked up from there really. It's hard trying to find people that you gel with, you can get a really great writer but maybe they don't work well with the artist or vice versa. Writing is such a personal experience that the connection between writers has to be really comfortable.

W&W: Do you find it difficult to open up when writing about such personal experiences with writing partners?

R: It can be, I worked with some writers on this album that are also friends which made it easier for me to open up. This album was so personal and really deep I had to work with people I was comfortable with, it wasn't a case of going in a studio with strangers and saying Hi I'm Rebecca and this is my story and that's what I want to write about.

W&W: And you've just done an intimate gig to showcase the new material how did it go? Was you nervous about how the new stuff would be received?

R: Yes, it went really well. I loved it. It is nerve wracking playing new songs, you never know how they will be received but everyone seemed to enjoy them. I was really nervous before going on stage but once I got out there and seen how positive the audience was I began to enjoy.

W&W: Any duets on this album?

R: No, the album was too personal, I mean I could have done a duet and it's always suggested to duet with certain acts and sometimes it's a good thing but this time the material was so personal to me.

W&W: Who would your dream duet be with?

R: Um.. Tracy Chapman! She's such a great writer and soulful.

W&W: I think you'd sound great together.

R: I would love to write with Tracy, it's from the heart and she sounds incredible.

W&W: So what can we expect from this tour?

R: And I'm coming to Cardiff, I love Cardiff! I want everyone to come to the tour and have a good time have a good laugh. It gonna be a very positive Show.

W&W: So... X Factor, no regrets?

R: Absolutely not, I've worked really hard since the show and it's payed off. So glad I done the show.

W&W: There was some big acts in the competition the year you was on the show. Do you keep in touch with anyone?

R: We used to but life got so busy and I went off to have a baby. I sometimes bump into them at events now and again. We are all so busy doing our own things.

W&W: So what's the long term plan, what's your goals?

R: For now just focus on this album but I'd love to do an international tour and tour America again. I'd also like to write my book.

W&W: Ok, so Nathan does celebrity portraits using food. What food would you like Nathan to use to make your portrait?

R: Ooo could he do pasta? Or the tomato sauce. I love pasta and pasta sauce.

W&W: I'll set him the challenge!

R: Haha.. I can't wait to see it.


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